Statement on Accessibility

Our goal at the Big Tree Inn is to provide outstanding service and accommodations to all of our guests. Due to the Big Tree Inn’s historic significance, our hotel rooms have not been retrofitted to accommodate persons with disabilities under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990. As we have maintained The Big Tree Inn's historical presentation, guest rooms are not accessible, nor do they have the essential features to accommodate persons with disabilities. All guest rooms are located on the second and third floors, only accessible by stairs.

 The first floor of the Big Tree Inn which holds our main dining room, event center, and tavern is wheelchair accessible by a ramp at the east side of the building. Our first-floor bathroom is also wheelchair accessible. 

 Service animals are permitted on our property at no additional cost. If any damages occur from the service animal, a fee of $250 may apply. 

Our commitment to accessibility is ongoing. Should you have any questions regarding accessibility and/or ADA compliance at the Big Tree Inn, please contact us at the following:


Phone: (585) 243-5220